Pecking Order Backyard Poultry Food


Pecking Order is pleased to announce the addition of Boonworms™ into our family of products for backyard poultry. Boonworms™, more commonly known as black soldier fly larvae, were introduced to Pecking Order by one of the country's leading entomologists who has over twenty years experience working with black soldier fly larvae (BSFL).

We were excited to hear all the benefits this insect offers and how eco-friendly they are but most of all we were excited to hear about all the nutritional components of this insect that make it an ideal treat and food supplement for poultry. Boonworms™, like mealworms, are high in protein but only Boonworms™ are naturally calcium rich to support egg development in laying hens.

Pecking Order offers Boonworms™ straight or blended with mealworms to provide poultry with something new and something familiar. Either option will provide poultry with a high protein treat that supports healthy feather growth and makes interaction with flocks an enjoyable and rewarding experience.   

  • Excellent Protein Source
  • Naturally Calcium Rich
  • Served in a Recyclable Standup Bag with Reclosable Seal

Ingredients: Boonworms™ (black soldier fly larvae)

Available Sizes: 2 LB | 5 LB