Pecking Order Backyard Poultry Food

Treat Cakes

Pecking Order treat cakes provide an outlet for chickens to peck at their leisure while satisfying their craving for a more diverse diet. Treat cakes are comprised of seeds, grains, and mealworms which are formed together into small or large blocks that can be offered to poultry in a variety of ways.

Pecking Order treat cake ingredients are held together tightly by a natural gelatin binder that help hold their shape. As chickens peck at a treat cake, individual ingredients loosen from the cake so they can be eaten. It’s a fun and rewarding way for chickens to enjoy a wholesome snack and treat cakes can last up to five times longer compared to standard loose ingredients.

Handy Tip: Most treat cakes can be placed inside a standard wild bird suet basket and hung at an appropriate pecking height.

Mealworm Treat Cake

Ingredients: Sunflower Hearts, Dried Mealworms, Gelatin

Sizes: 4oz • 20oz