Pecking Order Backyard Poultry Food


Pecking Order offers the most diverse assortment of treats and supplemental feed for poultry. As one of the largest producers of seed and grain products in the United States, you can be sure our expertise will provide your flock with the very best ingredients. We carefully monitor quality at each step, including seed selection, planting, harvest, storage, processing, packaging and product delivery. Give your flock treats and scratch from Pecking Order and watch quality get pecked every time!

Mealworms & Boonworms™
High protein Mealworms and Boonworms™ are a perfect treat for molting birds and a great way to reward your hens for their delicious eggs.
Treat Blends & Scratch
Pecking Order treat blends and scratch are made with 100% US farmed seeds & grain. Bags are filled in the USA at our state-of-the-art processing facilities.
Treat Cakes, Sun Pecks™, & Treat Cobs
Seeds, grains, & dried insects come together forming a treat that helps reduce boredom. Treat cakes last up to five times longer than loose ingredients.